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The flag of Greece consists of nine equal horizontal stripes alternating blue and white with a square canton the width of five stripes with a white cross with a thickness of one stripe.(more...)

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The Flag of Tibet, commonly referred to as the Snow Lion Flag or the Free Tibet Flag, was adopted in 1912

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What Do Canada's Flags Mean?

What Do Canada's Flags Mean?

25 National Flags And Their Meanings
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    Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that I have officially enabled message walls on this wikia! I plan on making some more updates to this wikia within the next year, please take some time to vo…

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    Hello, I am Tbrays30, I have served as Administrator on multiple wikias, I have a deep passion for flags, I found this wikia during the summer of 2015 but did not edit until 2016. All that aside, I wa…

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