Flag of the African Union
African Union
Adopted 1970 [1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3

The flag of the African Union, formerly also used by its predecessor the Organisation of African Unity is composed of a broad green horizontal stripe at the top followed by a narrow band of gold. Below is a broad white stripe bearing the Emblem of the African Union at its center followed by a narrow gold band and broad green stripe at the bottom.

Symbolism of the flagEdit

According to the official description of the African Union, the symbolism of the flag and the emblem it contains is as follows:

  1. The colour green symbolizes African hopes and aspiration to unity.
  2. The gold colour stands for African wealth and bright future.
  3. The colour white represents the purity of Africa's desire to have genuine friends throughout the world.[2]

Symbolism of the emblemEdit

  1. The palm leaves shooting up on either side of the outer circle stand for peace.
  2. The gold circle again symbolizes Africa's wealth and bright future.
  3. The green circle again stands for African hopes and aspirations.
  4. The plain map of Africa without boundaries in the inner circle signifies African unity.
  5. The small interlocking red rings at base of the Emblem stand for African solidarity and the blood shed for Liberation of Africa.


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  2. AU Symbols
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