Flag of Annandale
Adopted August 16, 2006 refAnnandale Flag</ref>
Designed by unknown members of NAVA; based on design by Michelle Redmon
Proportions 2:3

The flag of Annandale, Virginia, consists of a light blue background, with a red, white, and light blue stylized version of the Annandale logo, with a red cardinal sitting on a dogwood tree.


Red, white, and blue are the colours of the United States. The blue background is taken from the blue background of the flag of Virginia. The white stripes are in the form of the Columbia Pike and the Little River Turnpike[1]. The dogwood tree is also the state tree of Virginia, and the cardinal is the state bird of Virginia. The red used on the flag is the same red used on the flag of the United States


  1. Annandale Flag

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