Flag of Benin
Adopted November 16, 1959 [1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3 [2]

The flag of Benin consists of three equally-sized stripes: a green one vertically on the hoist, and the other two (yellow on top, red on bottom) horizontally in the fly.


Red, yellow, and green, are known as the Pan-African colours. The national anthem of Benin, L'Aube Nouvelle, contains the symbolism of the flag's colours.

Quand partout souffle un vent de colère et de haine. Béninois, sois fier, et d'une âme sereine, Confiant dans l'avenir, regarde ton drapeau! Dans le vert tu liras l'espor du renouveau, De tes aïeux le rouge évoque le courage; Des plus riches trésors le jaune est le présage.


Green represents hope and renewal, red represents the courage of Beninese ancestors, and yellow represents the riches and treasures of the country. [4]


The flag of the People's Republic of Benin was green with a small red five-pointed star in the canton.



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