Flag of Central African Federation
Adopted December 31, 1953
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions (unknown)

The flag of the Central African Federation had a blue ensign with a shield showing the amalgamation of Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland

The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, also known as Central African Federation (CAF), was a semi-independent state in southern Africa that existed from 1953 to the end of 1963, comprising the former Self-Governing (since 1923) Colony of Southern Rhodesia and the British protectorates of Northern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland. It was a federal realm of the British Crown — not a colony, and not a dominion although the British Sovereign was represented by a Governor-General, as usual for dominions. It was intended to eventually become a dominion in the Commonwealth of Nations.

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