Flag of Fiji
Adopted October 10, 1970 [1]
Designed by Robi Wilcock and Murray MacKenzie [2]
Proportions 1:2

The flag of Fiji is light blue with the Union Jack as its canton. The Fijian national shield of arms is located in the centre fly.



The flag of Australia.

New Zealand

The flag of New Zealand.


The flag of Fiji with the similar shade of blue.

The original flag was to have a regular blue-coloured background. However, the flags of Australia, New Zealand, and many others already adopted similar flags. The designers of the Fijian flag therefore decided to change the background colour to a lighter shade of blue, representing the Pacific Ocean. They also placed the Fijian national coat of arms in the centre fly.

New FlagEdit

On January 2nd 2013, the leader of Fiji announced that the flag would be changed. It would promote a new idendity. It is unsure when this new flag will be unveiled and adopted.


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