Flag of Flevoland
Adopted February 19, 1989 [1]
Designed by BRS Design Studio, Amsterdam? [2]
Proportions 2:3

The flag of Flevoland has a thin yellow horizontal stripe running through the center of the flag. The stripe is wavy in the hoist half, and straight in the fly half. The area above the stripe is blue, and the area below the stripe is green. In the canton area of the flag, in the blue section of the flag, is a white stylized fleur-de-lis.


Blue represents water, yellow represents corn, green represents the Flevoland landscape. The lily represents engineer Lely, the main supervisor of the Zuider Zee Works project, the project in which the polders of the almost entirely man-made province of Flevoland were created.


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  2. Flevoland Province (The Netherlands) at Flags of the World
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