Flag of Kawartha Lakes
Kawawrtha Lakes
Adopted January 27, 2009
Designed by Daryle Anne Wright[1]
Proportions 9:14?

The flag of Kawartha Falls, Ontario, features the sun and two green trees over waves of green and blue.


  • The blue represents the Trent Severn Waterway and the lakes of the Kawartha Lakes.
  • The green represents the agricultural areas and trails.
  • The yellow/orange represents that the city is a tourist destination.
  • The evergreen trees symbolize the "green" growth of the city and agriculture.
  • The sun symbolizes that the city is a tourist destination area, also a recognizable symbol from the logo of the city.
  • Overall Design represents special areas the city known for: the lakes and waterways, the agriculture and trails as well as the tourist destinations.[2]


  1. City council adopts flag at The Lindsay Post
  2. Flag Design Contest at the site of the City Hall of Kawartha Lakes

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