Flag of the Navajo Nation
Navajo Nation
Adopted May 21, 1968
Designed by Jay R. DeGroat
Proportions 3:5

The flag of the Navajo Nation is beige with a copper-coloured polygon in the center of the flag in the shape of the current Navajo Nation, with beige lines representing the borders of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. On the map, in brown, is a polygon in the shape of the original 1868 Navajo Nation. In the center of the flag, on top of the maps, is a white circle. Inside the white circle are two stylized crossed stalks of corn semicircling the bottom of the circle. In the center of the circle is a black stylized oil derrick. Underneath the oil derrick, and above the intersection of the two corn stalks, is a black stylized cow. To the left of the oil derrick is a stylized hogan; to the right, a stylized black American modern style home; above the derrick, a stylized black sawmill, with two trees (stylized, in black) on the exterior sides of the sawmill. At the top of inside the white circle is a black stylized version of the sun with rays. Semicircling above the maps is a large rainbow, in the form of three equal lines of, from top to bottom, red, yellow, and blue. Circling the maps are four small equally spaced stylized mountains, representing north, west, south, and east, on the map. The north mountains are black, the west moountains are yellow, the south mountains are blue, and the east mountains are white.


The copper map is a representation of the current Navajo Nation. The brown map is a representation of the original Navajo reservation (the "Rez") in 1868. The colours representing the four cardinal directions are Navajo symbols, represented by four mountains.


These are the locations of the four mountains represented on the flag of the Navajo Nation. The + is located at Window Rock, the capital of the Navajo Nation.

Direction Color Mountain
North Black Hesperus Mountain, Colorado
West Yellow Humphreys Peak, Arizona
South Blue Mount Taylor, New Mexico
East White Mount Blanca, Colorado

The symbols in the white circle are symbols of the Navajo and of the modern United States. The hogan is a Navajo home, built so that the entrance is always facing east, to avoid the sun in the morning. The rainbow is a symbol of the Navajo, found in many of their sand paintings, and in the Navajo Nation seal.


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