Flag of Northern Cyprus
Northern Cyprus
Adopted March 9, 1984[1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3

The flag of Northern Cyprus is white with a red star-and-crescent facing towards the fly and two red horizontal stripes near the top and bottom of the flag.


The flag of Northern Cyprus is based on the flag of Turkey with its colours reversed, represents Turkish heritage of its citizens.

Star-and-crescent is a common Islamic symbol.

Other flags of Northern CyprusEdit


In 1974 Northern Cyprus was occupied by Turkey in response to restrictions attempted to be imposed on the Turkish community of the island.

In February 1975, the leader of the Turkish community unilaterally proclaimed the Turkish Cypriot Federate State, which he presented as the first component of a future Cypriot federal state. The new state was recognized only by Turkey.

In 1974–1983 Northern Cyprus used the flag of Turkey. In 1983 the local flag was unofficially modified by adding two white stripes.

The parliament of the republic passed a law on the current flag of Northern Cyprus on March 7, 1984; it was enacted on March 9.


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