Flag of Paraíba
Adopted July 26, 1965[1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 7:10[2]

The flag of Paraíba, Brazil, is red with a black vertical stripe one-third the length of the flag long on the hoist. In the center of the red area is the word "NEGO" in white lettering.


The word nego is Portuguese for "I deny", referring to the protests that erupted in the 1920s in Paraíba, supported by state president João Pessoa Cavalcânti de Albuquerque, to the appointment of Júlio Prestes as the President of Brazil. João Pessoa joined the alliance for the overthrow of the federal government, which successfully conducted Getúlio Vargas to Presidency. The rebellion events eventually led to the murder of João Pessoa, although there is debate regarding the reasons of the murder, if personal, political or both.

According to the official government site of the state of Paraíba, the red stands for the blood due to the assassination of João Pessoa; the black represents the mourning following the assassination.[3]


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