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Flag of Pskov Oblast
Flag of Pskov Oblast
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Despite the requirements of the Charter of Pskov Oblast, the regional legislative assembly still has not adopted any flag. When necessary, the flags of Russia and the city of Pskov are used instead.

Pskovskaya Oblast', proposed

One of the proposals is a golden snow leopard upon a red background. The leopard stands for the oblast's imperial past, and the red for the Soviet period of its history.

Pskovskaya Oblast', in Sebezh

This flag's design is often cited because it is based on the image depicted on the welcome sign standing in the center into the town of Sebezh. Local people claim it to be the flag of all of Pskov.[1]

On December 2014, the government had proposed a flag to be official. It composed of a golden snow leopard on a blue background with white and gold crowns on the left and right side.


  1. Photo album at Our Sebezh
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