Flag of Saxony
Adopted 1815, re-adopted in 1991
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 3:5

The civil flag of Saxony (German: Sachsen), a federal land of Germany, is a horizontal bicolour of white over green.

Saxony (state)

State flag

The state flag is the same, but with the coat of arms in the centre.


Other flags of SaxoniaEdit

The flag article in the Constitution allows the Sorbs to fly their flag. The inhabitants of the part of Saxony which belonged to Lower Silesia in the past can fly the flag of this former province.


In 1806-1815 Saxony used a bicolour of black over yellow. But it did coincide with the flag of Austria, Saxony's neighbour at that time, and in 1815 a bicolour of white over green was adopted.

The bicolour was abolished in 1935, under the reforms of the Third Reich. It was readopted 1947 when Saxony became a state again, and abolished 1952 under governing reforms of the German Democratic Republic. When Germany was reunited, Saxony became a state again, and so the flag was finally officially readopted in 1991, having been a much used symbol during the demonstrations in the German Democratic Republic in 1989/90.


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