Flag of the Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands
Adopted November 18, 1977[1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 1:2[2]

The flag of Solomon Islands is divided diagonally by a thin yellow stripe from the lower hoist-side corner; the upper triangle (hoist side) is blue with five white five-pointed stars arranged in an X pattern; the lower triangle is green.[3]


The blue section represents the water of the Pacific Ocean; while the yellow stripe symbolizes the sunshine and the green section stands for the fertility of the nation. Originally, the five stars represented the five administrative districts at the time of Solomon Island's independence. When the number of districts in the country increased the meaning of the stars was then said to represent the five main groups of islands groups that form the Solomon Islands.[2]

Other national flagsEdit


The British protectorate that was established over the Solomon Islands in 1893 introduced typical British colonial flags. The Union Jack and British Red Ensign were the same as those used in the United Kingdom; the Blue Ensign had a badge featuring local symbols. The first badge had the name of the protectorate and the royal crown, whereas a new badge introduced in 1947 showed a stylized black-and-white sea turtle on a red background. The arms were changed in 1956 to a more complex design because the 1947 badge had emphasized a symbol associated only with one district of the islands. The new coat of arms was quartered and bore an eagle, turtle, lion, frigate bird, and various local weapons.

In anticipation of independence many flag designs were submitted, including one with the coat of arms. In 1975 a winner was claimed, but the flag caused a lot of controversy and it was eventually discarded and replaced with the current flag which was also an entry in the competition.[2] Finally, a simple pattern was chosen and officially adopted on November 18, 1977, eight months before independence.[4]


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