Flag of the Soviet Union
Soviet Union
Adopted November 12, 1923 [1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 1:2
Reverse design
Soviet Union reverse

The obverse of the flag of the 1923-1991 former Soviet Union was red with a small golden stylized hammer and sickle symbol in the canton. The reverse was a plain red field. [2]


The red colour represented Communism, the state ideology of the Soviet Union. the symbol in the top left corner is the symbol of the Communist Party, the hammer and the sickle represent the union of of the proletariat (the industrial workers) and the peasants. The star represents the party's guidance of both.


  1. Flag Identifier - flag in focus
  2. Soviet Union at Flags of the World
Soviet Union Republics of the Soviet Union
Principal Republics
Armenian SSRAzerbaijan SSRByelorussian SSREstonian SSRGeorgian SSR

Kazakh SSRKirghiz SSR ● Latvian SSR ('40-'53, '53-'91) ● Lithuanian SSR ('40-'53, '53-'89)

Moldavian SSRRussian SFSRTajik SSRTurkmen SSRUkrainian SSRUzbek SSR
Short-Lived Republics: Karelo-Finnish SSRTranscaucasian SFSR

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