Flag of the Union for the Mediterranean
Adopted July 13, 2008 [1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3? [citation needed]

The flag of the Union for the Mediterranean (French: Union Pour la Méditerranée or UPM) is a simple horizontally divided bicolour of white and blue.


The symbolism of the flag of the UPM is as almost equally simple, with white representing hope and the lower blue bar representing the Mediterranean Sea of its namesake[2].


  1. L’Union Pour la Méditerranée (UPM) lancée at France-Expatriés (fr)
  2. L’UPM en rade… at Anatheme de Max (fr)
UPM International Organisations
African UnionEuropean UnionLeague of Arab StatesUnion for the MediterraneanUnion of South American NationsUnited Nations

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