Flag of VexiWiki
Adopted January 1, 2009
Designed by Hellerick
Proportions 4:7[1]

The flag of VexiWiki is an equal horizontal bicolour of sky blue and blue, with a right isosceles white pile on the hoist. Over the intersecting point of the three shapes is a two-turned spiral of the three colours winding counterclockwise in. The outer point of the white, sky blue, and blue lines are located along the spiral at 225°, 315°, and 90°, respectively.


The sky blue and white represent the sky, where flags were meant to be flown. The blue represents Wikia and Earth. The swirl represents the wind.

Design storyEdit


The flag of VexiWiki, as seen on the VexiWiki logo

Flag History


The flag was designed by Hellerick, a VexiWiki user, on the website's flag design page where three members had been submitting a total of fifteen designs. Other VexiWiki users supported the last of Hellerick's designs, and after a quick vote, it was adopted into the VexiWiki logo.

Reference noteEdit

All information obtained from VexiWiki, see VexiWiki:About for more information.

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