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These are the rules that every user is required to follow while visiting the VexiWiki. Intentionally breaking these rules will result in your account/IP address being temporarily (or permanently) blocked from editing, commenting or leaving messages.

Basic RulesEdit

  • Due to Wikia Policy you must be at least 13 to edit or comment.
  • Performing any vandalism is stricly prohibited, it will be removed and the performer will be warned and or blocked.
  • This Wikia is for legitimate information only, any none-existent flag will be deleted.
  • Try to stick to our format when making a new page.
  • When making flags for counties please add the state/province's name in the categories.

Image PolicyEdit

    • Some unrelated pictures are allowed on blog posts and profile pages.
  • Please make sure all images are of the highest possible quality.
  • Edited flags will be deleted.

Personal BehaviorEdit

  • Threatening, bullying, or any form of harassment towards another is not tolerated. Doing so will result in a block and possibly a report to Wikia Staff.
    • Heckling someone for liking the show or being above the target demographic is also considered harassment.
  • Do not make insults towards any flags.

VexiWiki GuidelinesEdit


Basic GuidelinesEditing Guidelines & TipsImage Policy



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