While VexiWiki can be a lot of things, there are also many things which VexiWiki is not.

VexiWiki is not just an encyclopediaEdit

While most pages on VexiWiki are encyclopedia articles, VexiWiki is a wiki about flags, and pages in the VexiWiki Glossary are dictionary definitions. You may also add other things that are not articles, such as a guide to designing flags, or a list of places to buy them. If you do so, please title the page starting with VexiWiki:, such as the following: VexiWiki:Flag designer's guide.

VexiWiki is not WikipediaEdit

VexiWiki is not Wikipedia, since it is not just an encyclopedia, which Wikipedia is. If you would like Wikipedia, you can go to Wikipedia at the Wikipedia website, at

VexiWiki is not supposed to be boringEdit

We encourage the writing of many factual articles, but we also want you to have fun at VexiWiki. There are many ways to do this. Humor can be placed in artices every now and then, but please don't overdo it. Also, make sure the humor is factual and does not confuse readers. Also, VexiWiki users can have fun outside of articles, too. Please see the VexiWiki Department of Fun for more ways to have fun. But always remember to edit and/or expand articles as much as possible. That way, VexiWiki will get even better.

VexiWiki is not a dumpEdit

Please don't add nonsense to any articles on VexiWiki. You may add factual humor, but please, no garbage. You may add nonsense to your own userpage if you would like, and also the VexiWiki Test wall.

VexiWiki does not equal 2Edit

Neither does 1.

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