Flag of Winschoten
Adopted May 23, 1973 [1]
Designed by (unknown)
Proportions 2:3? [citation needed]

The flag of the former municipality of Winschoten, Groningen, The Netherlands, was a tricolour of blue white and blue with an outline of a fortress in red on the central band. Before the adoption of this flag Winschoten unofficially used a plain equal bicolour of blue and white.

The English translation of the official description goes as follows:

Three horizontal stripes of blue and white, proportioned 1:3:1, with on the white stripe a red plan of a fortress, of which length and width are proportioned 2:3, with a width of the red line 1/36 of flag height, with 9 embattlements.


The flag of Winschoten is derived from its history. It depicts the fortress Winschoten was during the Eighty Year war. Very shortly after this war the fortress was taken down and nothing reminds of it nowadays. The colours of the flag are taken from the coat of arms of the city, whose predominant colours are blue and white, combined with the colours of the Dutch national flag. [2]


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  2. Groninger Archiefnet on Winschoten (nl)

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